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2013 Almanac for Kids

Everyone in the family will enjoy dipping into this compendium of interesting facts about the tallest, deepest, most, least and other such trivia. As always the colorful pages of this annual are crammed full of stats and facts that will inform and entertain. 8 & up.

3D Cityscape Puzzle

A colorful map-like cityscape floor puzzle. The 3-D part comes in with three tall buildings that can be assembled and attached to the giant 20 by 30 puzzle. Kids can use their toy cars to travel over the roadways and use this as a mat for dramatic play after they assemble all the pieces. Marked 3 & up. We think 3 year olds are going to need help the first few times they do this.

4M Bubble Science

Model: 5591
PartNumber: 5591
Explore the wobbly science of bubble making with the 4M Bubble Science Kit. The experiments in this kit include creating an unbreakable bubble, a giant bubble, a bubble film, and more. This kit includes a variety of bubble-making frames to experiment with different bubble sizes and shapes. Includes recipes to make your own high-quality bubble mixture. Detailed instructions for use and care are included. Recommended for ages 5 years and up.

A Passion for Victory

I know if you were there in the stadium, you wouldnt be able to stop applauding. Those words are from a second-century account of the Olympics. From the footraces of ancient Greece to the present, this well researched book chronicles the Olympic Games through history. Using direct quotes, photographs, etchings, sculpture, and anecdotes of previous games, this slim volume brings the history to life. 9-12.

A Wrinkle In Time

This is the Fiftieth Anniversary of the beloved classic, A Wrinkle In Time. A story of a stranger who leads Meg, her brother and their buddy Calvin on a frightening but thrilling adventure. The book won the Newbery Medal and is the first of series of science fiction time travel books about the Murry family. Though the books are decades old, they are not dated. The subject of bullies, going along, and fears of nuclear attacks are just as real in 2012 as they were in 1962 when the book was published, It's been recorded before, but this is an all new recording by the gifted Hope Davis, winner of the NY Film Critics Best Actress Award. Bring home the book and or the sequels. This is a good way to introduce the family to an author who wrote more than 60 books and who reads an introduction to her most famous work on this CD set.

About Habitats: Oceans

A very fundamental book about the nature of oceans and the life in them. It's part of a nature series for the very young. It does not have the joyous color of Wow! Ocean! But it has small factoids and a very clear overall message about the diverse creatures and nature of the great salt water bodies that we call, Oceans. 3 & up.

Albert's Insomnia

Here's a very clever math card game that grows with your math skills. No matter what level, you deal the cards. The idea is then to look at the cards dealt and find how you can count from 1 and up by using the numbers you have been dealt. For example, if you have 4, 5, 8, 7, could do 5-4 = 1, 7-5=2...and so on. Of course more advanced math students will do many different operations to get to their desired number.