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The Best of CES Awards

Each year, CNET, in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), produces the Best of CES awards at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The CNET editorial team recognizes the best new products at the show with awards in nine categories, an overall Best of Show award, and the People's Voice award that's selected by the CNET online audience.

CNET editors will name the Best of CES award finalists and winners based on the following:

  1. Product must be new, in that it will not be released before December 1, 2009. Prototypes, reference designs, or products that represent a proof of concept will not be considered.
  2. Product must be on exhibit at the current year International CES.
  3. Product demonstrates its potential to:
  • Pioneer a new category, establish an emerging category, or take an existing category to a new level.
  • Excite people with its style, innovation, usefulness, ease of use, or capability to entertain.
  • Endow its owner with a certain cachet, the "cool" factor.
  • Make its way into everyday life. 

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Vizio XVT3D6SP

Imagine playing games and watching videos on the go in full, eye-popping 3D… All without the need for glasses. Nintendo 3DS games have incredible graphics, and you can turn down the 3D effect to any level, or turn it off completely at any time with the built-in 3D depth slider to play games in crisp, clear 2D. (- from, accessed Nov, 2011)
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