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Panasonic ZT65

Described by its makers as “beyond reference” quality, this 60-inch beast is the pinnacle of Panasonic’s TV range. Everything has been poured into ensuring its picture is as perfect as possible – and at this price, you’d really hope it is. The Panasonic ZT65 is the top model in Panasonic’s plasma range – a model aimed at those seeking the very best in image quality and willing to part with almost £4,000 to get it. While the price may bring tears to the eyes, they’ll quickly be replaced by other tears (of joy) because the black levels are simply the best you’ll find on any screen out there. Add in incredibly accurate colour reproduction and the finest 3D performance available in the home and you have an incredible TV set – arguably the best picture quality since Pioneer stopped making its legendary Kuro plasmas four years ago. This isn’t all about the picture, though: the ZT65 is also heaving with features, including HD Freesat and Freeview tuners, a touchscreen remote with stylus, built-in Wi-Fi and an intuitive smart TV platform making it one of the TVs of the year. Price: £3,999 Panasonic

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