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MacBook Air 11-inch

In real terms, this is the coolest portable typewriter on the market. Built for browsing an email, Apple design mean this dinky laptop can do much more than you might think. The MacBook Air never ceases to impress, sparking a whole ‘ultrabook’ category from PC rivals, the modern MacBook Air is now even more powerful and affordable. The 11 inch model is £849 wih 64GB SSD memory and able to run Apple’s OSX system flawlessly and few apps cause it to sweat. Even video editing and big photo projects are possible thanks to the i5 1.7 Ghz processor and 4GB of memory, pushed to their limits with a streamlined OS that never falters. The 13 inch model boasts 128GB of SSD memory and is £999, now under the RRP of many rival PC laptops. The ultra slim design is what Apple are all about and for those that believe Apple products carry a price premium, the master class of design is the single Apple product that will now make them think twice. Price: £849 Apple

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