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Google Glass

Google’s epochal specs are likely to kick-start a wearable tech revolution. They’ll shoot photos and videos and deliver important information to your eye-line. Are we all about to become Google Glass cyborgs? Google Glass is one of those tomorrow’s world innovations that make modern tech such an exhilarating industry to be part of. The wearable specs, which will become availableto the public late this or early next, feature a small eye-level screen for viewing prevalent information from maps, email, social networks, breaking news and much more. Users can literally shoot photos and videos from their viewpoint using the built in camera lens that sits in the frame, while everything is synced to an iOS or Android smartphone. The long-awaited AR specs have already arrived for developers who’ve set about creating a host of interesting apps and uses. Naturally, there are privacy concerns, which we’ll be hearing more and more about in the run up to launch, but for now we can simply appreciate the innovation that’s gone into this futuristic piece of consumer tech. Price: $1,500 Google

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