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Packed in a red canvas zippered bag, shaped like an apple, this new game from the makers of Banangrams, is easy to throw into a travel bag for on-the-go fun. The objective here is to be the first to use up all your letters by attaching your new word to the first or last letter of the words on the table. It's different than Scrabble since you cannot add letters crossword style, only at the end of the long worm-like grid you are building. Using the same letter tiles, that fit small hands, you can play sevearal other variations. The letters have no number values written on them, but there are suggestions for scoring based on the length of the words or making palindromes (words that read the same way backwards and forward). Introduced several years ago, the instructions have been updated and simplified with suggestions for playing cooperative games. Designed to build spelling skills as well as gamesmanship in turn-taking, strategy, and playing cooperatively.

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