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15 Songs Every Kid Should Know (and will Love!)

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2013 Parents' Choice Award Winner! Bossy Frog Productions is proud to release 15 all-time favorite children's songs with a fresh take! The best Cajun, bluegrass, rockabilly, jazz, Irish, roots, African drumming, Cuban, soul, funk and folk album for kids that you'll every hear! These are the songs that children love to sing AND they are part of our cultural history. Producer Jeffrey Friedberg MA, MT-BC wanted to record these songs in ways that keeps them relevant for children growing up in today's world. Children won't even know they are learning as they listen! From "Old McDonald" to "Shoo Fly" to "If You're Happy & You Know It" to "Wheels on the Bus"! Only real instruments were used in the recordings, including banjo, fiddle, trumpet, drums, dobro, acoustic and electric bass, harmonica, boudran, tin whistle, piano and electric and acoustic guitar. Over 40 amazing musicians came together to make this wonderful collection of music for children and families. From jazz virtuoso, Steven Bernstein, to rocker, Jon Pousette-Dart, these versions of 15 classic children's songs are sure to delight the entire family. Children will sing and dance along as they are learning while having fun!

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